526’ wave attenuator with covered 90’ slips includes anchor pilings and a 6’ submerged wavewall.

McAlester, OK—Senior VP & Sales Manager for Meeco Sullivan announced the completion of the latest expansion at WindRiver Marina on Tellico Lake. WindRiver is a lakefront and golf community located minutes from Knoxville Tennessee.

WindRiver selected Meeco Sullivan for their initial marina construction in 2006 and has put their trust in Meeco Sullivan for their last three marina expansions in 2015, 2016, and 2017. With the latest expansion just completed, WindRiver now includes 128 covered 30’, 40’, 60’, and 90’ slips, a 526’ wave attenuator with 90’ covered slips and an open Courtesy Dock and Fuel Center.

Mark Fronczek, WindRiver’s VP of Development, has overseen all the expansion construction with Meeco Sullivan and couldn’t be happier with their product quality, how easy they are to work with, and their ability to deliver everything on time. Mark commented that “WindRiver is a first-class development, so our residents have very high expectations. Meeco Sullivan’s team has been a pleasure to work with and they keep meeting and exceeding our expectations. Our residents couldn’t be happier with the aesthetics, functionality and durability of our floating covered docks.”

All docks are Meeco Sullivan’s galvanized steel truss design with aggregate concrete deck tiles, polyethylene floats, and vented metal roof. The 526’ wave attenuator/covered 90’ slips includes anchor pilings and a 6’ submerged wavewall — specifically designed to dispel boat traffic waves to protect the marina while providing slip occupants an amazing view of Tellico Lake’s main channel.

 Jim Helderle, Meeco Sullivan’s Southeast Region Sales Manager was involved from the design phase through final installation and noted that “Our team worked very closely with the WindRiver team to ensure the dock designs and the wave attenuator design fit their harbor layout for maximum future expansion. Plus, all installation scheduling was properly coordinated to meet the promised completion date. It was a great overall team effort.”