Meeco Sullivan is proud to announce the recent completion of the floating dock for the Chesapeake Region Accessible Boating (CRAB) and their Adaptive Boating Center. This facility is focused on providing unrestricted access to the Chesapeake Bay. CRAB is the premier accessible floating dock in Maryland. While working closely with the CRAB design team, Meeco Sullivan worked to design and provide a dock that far exceeds ADA standards. CRAB has certain technical specifications that had to be considered for the dock’s design and build. This includes that the freeboard be twenty-four inches, rather than the standard eighteen to twenty inches. With their boat fleet, it was imperative that the docks be twenty-four inches out of the water. Along with several other custom-made elements found only at CRAB, the result is a dock which will, for decades to come, provide inclusive access to sailing and power-boat excursions that would otherwise be unattainable.

CRAB President and CEO, Paul Bollinger Jr. commented about the partnership with Meeco Sullivan, “the Meeco Sullivan representatives were always professional. The quality of Meeco Sullivan docks are exemplary and very stable.”

Meeco Sullivan was honored to partner with CRAB in their efforts to serve our wounded warriors, underserved communities, and the physically disabled as well as those recovering physical and mental injuries.