In the world of marina transformations, Lighthouse Point Marina stands as a shining example of vision, collaboration, and unparalleled execution. Oasis requested bids from multiple manufacturers with the focus being primarily on aluminum frame docks with a timber frame being an approved alternate. Ultimately, they chose to move forward with a Timber system from Meeco Sullivan in the third quarter of 2021. Engaged by Monument Marine Group with the recommendation by Oasis Marinas, Meeco Sullivan played a crucial role in revitalizing this waterfront haven. 

Lighthouse Point Marina faced the challenge of an aging concrete dock that rendered 50% of the marina unsafe, prompting Monument Marine Group to initiate a complete overhaul. The ambitious project unfolded in two back-to-back phases. Project Manager, Brendan Quirk commented, “I feel that without having a partnership with Meeco Sullivan. I wouldn’t have been able to deliver our west side docks in time for our boaters and tenants. And now our east side docks are ready for the 2024 season.” 

One of the marina’s standout features is a large attenuator dock, strategically pushing the boundaries of engineering possibilities. A testament to Meeco Sullivan’s commitment to excellence, the order, comprising over 400 slips, marked the largest composite decking order in Meeco Sullivan’s history. 

The collaboration was not without its challenges, but with Meeco Sullivan’s expertise and commitment to the agreed timeline, the project experienced only 2 or 3 change orders, a remarkable feat for such a substantial endeavor. The company-wide effort, with contributions from Meeco Sullivan’s Oklahoma plant and other locations, showcased the strength of a unified team. Meeco Sullivan, Operations Manager Adam Schlomann noted, “Our team at Meeco Sullivan, New York Division, successfully navigated challenges in the recent project, starting in Sept 2022 and concluding in Oct 2023. Despite hurdles, our Operations, Design, and Production team, led by Scott Taylor, delivered phenomenal results. Building strong relationships with the Dissen and Juhn, Oasis, and Monument Marine Group was key to overcoming design challenges and ensuring project success.” 

Dissen and Juhn, the contractors overseeing the project, expressed their admiration for the consistency of the docks, highlighting the impressive craftsmanship Meeco Sullivan brought to the table. Ravens Marine gangways played a crucial role, with three gangways and five gates specifically designed for certain areas, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. 

The marina’s east side alone spans three-quarters of a mile from the gangway to the end of the dock, creating an expansive and inviting space for boat enthusiasts. In May 2022, the sales agreement was signed, and just recently, the project reached substantial completion, marking a new era for Lighthouse Point Marina. 

Lighthouse Point Marina’s transformation is more than a renovation; it’s a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and a shared commitment to excellence. As the largest single order in Sullivan’s history, this project sets a new standard for marina developments, showcasing what can be achieved when visionaries come together to redefine waterfront experiences.