Docks & Platforms

If you need a floating foundation, walkway, or dock for private or public residential use, we can help you design and build it specific to your needs. Whether in steel, timber, or aluminum, we have the experience you can trust to deliver even beyond your expectations.


Floating Foundations


Public Access / Community Docks 

Every year, we design and build public access dock systems for city, county, state, and federal organizations that meet or exceed handicap access requirements and hold up beautifully under even large volumes of traffic. We also work with local community and homeowners associations to provide private docks or smaller community marinas for waterfront developments and neighborhoods.


Service Docks & Platforms

No matter what your project calls for, we can help you create a design and put it on the water. Whether it’s a service, gas, fishing, storage or courtesy dock, a marina store, a restaurant, or a small home, Meeco Sullivan’s docks and platforms will provide a safe, solid, and reliable foundation that lasts for decades.


Rowing Docks

We’ve designed and built hundreds of custom rowing dock systems to meet the specific needs of colleges, private schools, and rowing clubs and organizations across the country. In fact, our unequaled reputation for rowing dock technology, design, and functionality ultimately persuaded the 1996 Olympic Committee to award us the contract to supply all the floating rowing dock facilities on Lake Lanier for the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta, Georgia and the Olympic Training Center in California.

Steel, Timber, or Aluminum ... Which Material is Right For You?

Want to learn more about the differences between the various materials we use here at Meeco Sullivan?