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The clean and natural beauty of wood is so popular because it complements the natural surroundings of a marina site and enhances the appearance of any marina.

Our time-tested and proven engineered timber dock systems are ideal for both saltwater and freshwater environments. We offer a wide variety of framing, flotation, decking and connection options to meet almost any site condition and only the best materials go into the construction of every system.

Super-strong and stable, yet flexible and forgiving, our Timber Floating Dock Systems have withstood some of mother nature’s most brutal conditions for decades. Meeco Sullivan’s Timber Dock Systems are the system of choice for the most diverse weather and marine conditions across the country and around the world.


• Southern Yellow Pine, Grades #1 and #2
• Wood preservative: Freshwater: -40 or .60 CCA, Saltwater: .60 CCA or higher
• Anti torsion truss bracing creates excellent stability
• Hot dipped galvanized structural steel components, cross members and connectors
• Large, accessible utility raceways are unobstructed and provide safe and efficient enclosure of all utilities


• Heavy-duty polyethylene encasement that is strong, durable, high impact resistant and resistant to fuel and pests.
• Throug-bolted attachment for superior structural strength.
• Polystyrene foam solid core with no voids and high compression strength.
• Various live-load capacities available.
• Easy to replace sections if ever needed.

• Treated Southern Yellow Pine that is good looking and very economical.
• Imported hardwoods (IPE} that provide a beautiful appearance while being naturally durable and decay resistant.
• Recycled polyethylene and PVC offer a clean and modem appearance.
• Concrete Panels in either aggregate or broom finish.

• Can be anchored with virtually any design.

See how Meeco Sullivan’s Timber Dock System lives up to its TIME TESTED, STORM PROVEN reputation during a tough winter storm at Nor’easter Marina in Ocean City, New Jersey.


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