Sullivan Flotation Systems and Atlantic-Meeco Team Up to Bring Over 110 Years of Experience to Your Marina or Dock Project.

In 1961 Sullivan Flotation Systems was founded by John Sullivan to build an affordable and practical floating alternative to traditional fixed/stationary docks. Over time, Sullivan Flotation Systems continued its tradition of product excellence and grew to be one of the oldest and largest manufacturers of floating dock and marina systems.

In 1960 Meeco Marinas was founded in Oklahoma as a marina and dock manufacturer primarily serving the Midwest. The company was a leader in technological innovations such as encasement of floats to replace Styrofoam blocks. In 1993 Atlantic Marina Services and Meeco merged to form Atlantic-Meeco.

MEECO SULLIVAN, The Marina Company, is where the experience and expertise of these entities now reside under one management team of seasoned industry professionals.

With over 110 years of experience to draw upon designing and building beautiful, top quality marinas and dock systems, we are committed to helping you bring your vision and dreams to life on the water.

Meeco Sullivan is one company with one mission–deliver the absolute best marinas and dock systems!