Aluminum Systems


Aluminum Dock System

Giving You Extreme Strength, Flexibility and Performance.

Our new Wahoo Xtreme aluminum dock system builds upon the best features of our CAT5 design and takes it to new performance extremes for your most demanding coastal applications. Its massive aluminum frame makes it the strongest aluminum dock on the market and our innovative design gives you great convenience and flexibility to reconfigure your marina as customer demands and market conditions dictate.

Features & Benefits

• Massive strength with mainframe extrusion weighing over 14 lb./ft.
• Moveable 12” to 18” cleats that can be easily repositioned to
accommodate varying boat sizes.
• Moveable fingers and pile rollers allow you to reconfigure your
marina to meet changing customer demands while maximizing
marina space and income.
• Sections can be hard bolted or use heavy-duty rubber
connections for additional strength in the roughest storms.
• Unobstructed utility channel along either side or both sides that
can range in size from 12” to 24” and can accommodate
4” sch. 40 conduit.
• The strength and flexibility to accommodate IPE Hardwood,
Composite, Treated Lumber or Concrete Paver decking.
• Can be shipped pre-decked and installed on site very quickly.

Easily repositionable fingers and pile rollers along 3″ wall mainframe


Generous gusseting to create an incredibly strong structure


Optional 6″ to 24″ wide conduit cutouts for uninterrupted utility access



CAT 5 Commercial Dock System


CAT 5 Residential Dock

Aluminum is lightweight but very strong and a properly designed and fabricated aluminum dock system can be a handsome and resilient alternative to steel or timber. With our acquisition of Wahoo Docks, we are now the #1 provider of the highest quality commercial and residential aluminum floating dock systems in the country.

A floating dock endures stress 24/7, so quality construction is of the utmost importance. Our Wahoo CAT5 system is our most innovative aluminum dock design yet; combining premium materials and custom components with world-class engineering and state-of-the-art construction techniques. Unparalleled in strength and beauty, we manufacture aluminum boat docks that enhance your property value and will last for generations.

When you choose our Wahoo CAT5 Aluminum Dock System you’ll get a dock that is corrosion resistant and can be used for residential or commercial freshwater and saltwater environments, is available with a variety of decking materials and can include ramps, gangways and bridges. Learn more

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