Heavy-Framed, Corrosion Resistant, and Low Maintenance

Wahoo Docks has a reputation for creating quality aluminum dock systems over the last 30 years.

  • Our CAT5 and Wahoo Xtreme dock systems are renowned for their quality and reliability.
  • Our docks have more patented components, more rigidity, more flotation, and more features than any aluminum dock system on the market.
  • Each dock is designed to your unique specifications and engineered to the highest standards.

When you choose a Wahoo Aluminum Floating Dock System you can rest assured that your marina or dock investment is engineered for excellence and will last for decades to come.

Wahoo Docks

Built with the Best to Withstand Mother Nature’s Worst

  • World-class engineering using our proprietary design and analysis software.
  • State-of-the-art welding using the latest MIG welding technology.
  • Better material science and selection due to our thorough understanding of mechanical and environmental stresses.
  • More patented components than any other dock system.
  • One of the quietest docks on the water with noise eliminating bushings between crucial metal-on-metal contact points.

Aluminum Advantages

  • Aluminum naturally reacts with oxygen to create a tough, durable coating
  • Tensile strength similar to that of steel
  • Lightweight material, requiring less flotation to achieve live load requirements
  • Latest MIG welding technology in a controlled environment

Aluminum Design Features

  • Unique frame channels increase rigidity and eliminate the need for diagonal bracing
  • Aesthetically pleasing aluminum finish
  • Optional full frame bumpers
  • Patented corner connections and roof pole receivers

Aluminum Design Choices

  • Compatible with any decking type
  • Designed to accommodate various anchoring systems
  • More custom dock options and accessories than any other manufacturer
  • Noise eliminating bushings

More Aluminum Dock Systems

Wahoo Docks Residential

Residential Docks

Wahoo has been building residential dock systems for over three decades, spending the last fifteen years focused on heavy-framed aluminum dock designs that emphasize strength, durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance.

All Wahoo residential docks are sold exclusively through a nationwide network of dealers, consisting of the most talented dock professionals in the industry.

Service Docks & Platforms

No matter what your project calls for we can help you create an aluminum design and put it on the water. Wahoo docks and platforms will provide a solid and safe foundation that lasts for decades.

Our platforms are designed and built to exact tolerances to ensure your building stays level and stable and they include built-in chases that make it easy to install all utility services. Plus, boat slips can be easily integrated with every design.

Twin Creek Marina
Community Docks

Public Access & Community Docks

Every year Meeco Sullivan and Wahoo Docks help city, county, state and federal organizations across the country design and install public access docks. These dock systems not only meet the requirements for handicap access and high traffic use but give everyone easier access to America’s beautiful waterways.

We also work with communities and homeowners associations across the country to provide a series of private docks for waterfront homes or smaller community marinas.

Rowing Docks

Wahoo Docks has produced many rowing docks for private and commercial use. Whether these require hinged kayak launches, specialized railings to comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act, or simply a low profile floating platform, Wahoo can build it.

Our extensive line of dock accessories also offers custom kayak racks which can bolt to the frame of a Wahoo Dock. These pieces are engineered to the highest standards and built in our in-house fabrication shop.


Latest Aluminum Dock Projects