Wave Attenuators

Many marina sites are exposed to damaging wave action and constant boating wakes and as waterfront properties become increasingly developed, unprotected natural harbors become increasingly scarce. Thus, there is a growing need for floating breakwaters to provide wave and wake attenuation. Our attenuation systems have been proven in installations spanning the United States and the globe, having successfully shielded marina harbors while enduring hurricane winds, fluctuating waters and winter ice.

Harborside (bridgeton) 021

Bridgeton Harbor Yachting Center, Bridgeton, NC

Harborside (bridgeton) 018

Bridgeton Harbor Yachting Center, Bridgeton, NC

Meeco Sullivan’s Wave Attenuation Systems can provide a practical and cost-effective solution to this problem and are available as a stand-alone system or can be integrated into any of our steel or timber dock systems.

Plus, our unique floating wave attenuators have not only undergone extensive engineering analysis, but most important, they’ve been proven by the test of time in the most severe conditions. We have countless wave attenuators in use today, includ­ing one of the largest on the East Coast. Take advantage of our experience and put a Meeco Sullivan Wave Attenuator to work for your marina.


• Typically can achieve 75% – 80% reduction of wave height
• Widths are available from 8′ to 20′
• Finger piers can be attached to the inside
• Various deck options available
• Depth beneath waterline is adjustable
• Can be anchored with a variety of systems
• Delivered with minimal on-site assembly
• Adjustable to various sizes
• Large, interior and protected utility raceways

photo 3

Elk Creek Marina, Cureconti National Recreation Area, Gunnison, CO


New Bern Sheraton 003

New Bern, NC Marina