Commercial Marina Systems

We build our industry-leading Meeco Steel, Sullivan Timber, and Wahoo Aluminum floating dock systems with only the highest quality marine-grade materials carefully fitted to your needs. Since 1960, thousands of freshwater and saltwater marina owners have trusted us to reliably deliver time-tested and storm-proven designs that retain their value for decades.

The Meeco Sullivan Commercial Marina Process

Unlike a residential dock, which might involve just a single floating platform, commercial marina systems generally involve a complex of platforms and docks suited to varied commercial needs, from service stations to boat storage to business spaces or restaurants. We have decades of experience designing fully-functioning marina systems.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Discovery

When you make contact with a Meeco Sullivan representative, we first establish the basics: the application (fresh or saltwater), the needs of the project in the space provided, the best material for the job, the budget you have to work with. We’ve done this enough to know the questions that need answering, and then some.

2. Design

Once we’ve agreed together to do this, we begin the design process, taking into account the space we have, the marine conditions we can expect, the materials we’ve decided are best, etc. Once we have a design we think will fit your needs (and your budget) we get your approval before making specific blueprints for the build.

3. Build

One of our three facilities gets your approved blueprints and begins to precision-build your marina system in the material we decided on (either steel, timber, or aluminum) using industry-leading and innovative processes that ensure the integrity and performance of your system.

4. Deliver

We deliver the custom-designed and precision-built parts to your location for assembly. We’re not satisfied until your project has been installed to your satisfaction!

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Which Material is Right for Your Floating Dock System?

Meeco Sullivan designs and builds floating platforms and marina systems in steel, timber, or aluminum. Want to learn more about the differences between the various materials we use here at Meeco Sullivan?

Why Choose Meeco Sullivan?

Custom Choices

We tailor our designs and builds from the ground up to match your needs, utilizing state-of-the-art engineering and materials technology and stunning aesthetics all custom-fitted to your specifications.

Unequalled Convenience

Whatever the material that best fits your application—steel, timber, or aluminum, from design services all the way to delivery of precision-built components, we’re the one-stop shop for everything and anything that needs a floating foundation.

Proven Experience:

We have 150 combined years of experience designing and building thousands of successful marine installations. Whatever the design challenges for your project, we have storm-tested and time-tried solutions!

Unmatched Capacity

With three full-functioning design and build facilities (in New York, Oklahoma, and Georgia) all under one name, Meeco Sullivan has 225,000 combined square feet of manufacturing space to make sure even your largest marina project gets done right and on time.

Reliable Service

From our salespeople to our design teams to our build crews, everyone at Meeco Sullivan knows our business. We have a company-wide commitment to exceed your product, service, and delivery expectations, and our customers have come to take for granted that we’ll deliver on that commitment.

Best Value

Through efficient design and well-chosen materials, we maximize both value and performance so you don’t have to choose between them. You can meet your budget now and still install a custom floating system that will more than fulfill your expectations for years to come. [optional LINK: Set up a worry-free consultation to find out how]