The Most Popular Residential Dock in America

Wahoo Docks is a Meeco Sullivan company and the leading manufacturer of aluminum floating docks in North America with a reputation for creating top quality aluminum docks, gangways, bridges, and more. Wahoo has been building residential dock systems for over three decades, spending the last fifteen years focused on heavy-framed aluminum dock designs that emphasize strength, durability, aesthetic appeal, and low maintenance. All Wahoo residential docks are sold exclusively through a nationwide network of dealers, consisting of the most talented dock professionals in the industry.

As the pioneer of the heavy-framed aluminum dock system, our knowledge and expertise is unmatched. Our Wahoo CAT5 and Wahoo Xtreme systems are the industry leader in both commercial and residential aluminum docks with more patented components, more rigidity, more flotation, and more features than any other aluminum dock system on the market. Plus, every Wahoo aluminum dock is designed to meet your unique requirements by combining the highest-level engineering principles, the best material science, and innovative design patents to maximize the strength and performance of your floating dock system.

Our Complete Product Offering


Commercial Marina Systems

Our Meeco Steel, Sullivan Timber and Wahoo Aluminum floating dock systems are among the best in the industry and built with only the highest quality marine-grade materials. They have been trusted by thousands of freshwater and saltwater marina owners since 1960 delivering time tested and storm proven reliability and long-term value.



Public Access/Community Docks

Every year we help city, county, state and federal organizations design and install public access dock systems that meet the requirements for handicap access and high traffic use. We also work with communities and homeowners associations to provide a series of private docks for waterfront homes or smaller community marinas.


Service Docks/Platforms

No matter what your project calls for we can help you create a design and put it on the water. Whether it’s a service, gas, fishing, storage or courtesy dock, a marina store, a restaurant or a small home, Meeco Sullivan’s docks and platforms will provide a solid and safe foundation that lasts for decades.


Residential Docks

As a Meeco Sullivan company, Wahoo Docks is the leading manufacturer of aluminum floating docks in North America with a reputation for creating top quality aluminum docks, gangways, bridges, and more. Wahoo has been building residential dock systems for over three decades and they are sold exclusively through a nationwide network of dealers.

Rowing Dock

Rowing Docks

Meeco Sullivan is a clear leader in the design, manufacture and installation of rowing dock systems and we’ve designed and built hundreds of custom rowing dock systems to meet the specific needs of colleges, private schools, and rowing clubs and organizations across the country.

Wave Attenuator-Products

Wave Attenuators

Our wave attenuators are designed to minimize wave energy and decrease wave height, thereby protecting your marina and your customers’ watercraft from potential damage while also reducing shoreline erosion. We offer a variety of design technologies, from hollow concrete and corrugated pipe to floating galvanized steel or timber systems.

Latest Projects


WindRiver Marina, Lenoir City, TN

  • Meeco Sullivan completed the initial WindRiver marina design and construction in 2006 and has handled three expansions since then.
  • All docks are Meeco Sullivan’s galvanized steel truss design with aggregate concrete deck tiles, polyethylene floats, and vented metal roofs.
  • WindRiver now includes 128 covered 30’, 40’, 60’, and 90’ slips, a 526’ steel wave attenuator with 90’ covered slips and an open Courtesy Dock and Fuel Center.

Harbor East Marina, Baltimore, MD

  • 180-slip marina with over 900 ft. of alongside dockage for larger yachts.
  • We designed and built all the “party pads” and social spaces that are located throughout the marina.
  • The final design totaled 64,000 sq. ft. of Sullivan timber floating docks.
  • Our team worked very closely with Harbor East and Oasis Marinas to create a design that included many unique and custom features to complement the Baltimore Harbor area and provide optimal functionality for both full time slip holders and visiting boaters.