Project Description

Meeco Sullivan Helps Provincetown Marina Accommodate Large Yachts

Warwick, NY: Located at the tip of Cape Cod in Provincetown, MA the Provincetown Marina serves as a major vacation spot for transient boaters in the New England area and has become an attractive area for mega yachts. Cape Cod is one of the most beautiful boating areas in New England, but it has had a severe shortage of marina space making it extremely hard and expensive to find boat slips. Chuck Lagasse, the owner of Provincetown Marina, saw this need and made a commitment to increase Provincetown Marina’s slip capacity with the help of Meeco Sullivan and SF Marine Systems.

Provincetown Marina contracted with Harbor Engineering to handle the design/engineering work required to accommodate larger vessels and the expansion plan was phased over two years. The design required extremely rugged and strong docks able to handle the tough weather conditions and larger vessels while being as cost-effective as possible. The combination of heavy concrete attenuators with extra-heavy timber fingers was a great fit and included 60-90 uncovered slips, depending on the boat size, primarily geared to accommodate 30’-100’ pleasure boats but the design provided the flexibility to handle up to 400’ mega yachts.

Meeco Sullivan provided all the heavy-duty timber finger docks with IPE decking ranging in size from 4’ x 30’ up to 8’ x 80’ that were fabricated in their Warwick, NY facility. Most of the fingers have internal removable gate pile guides because they are removed and stored on land in the winter. All the main walkways and face docks are SF Marine System concrete attenuators.

Chuck Lagasse commented that “We made a big commitment to this expansion project and we couldn’t have asked for a better team to work with. Harbor Engineering, Meeco Sullivan and SF Marine Systems all worked together seamlessly to meet our expectations and deliver everything on time.”