Project Description

Everglade Isle Marina is an inland waterway along the Gulf coast of Florida.

The CAT5 Wahoo Docks system, like all Wahoo Docks, was constructed for compatibility in a harsh saltwater environment. The patented commercial design provides superior strength to survive the annual hurricane season.

This unique project was built with slip angles on every finger pier, decked with concrete pavers along the walking surface, and included IPE wooden bunkboard around the perimeter of the frames. The main walkway utilizes custom angles to remain evenly spaced from the bulkhead down the entire length of the dock.

  • Unique frame design to correspond with existing bulkhead.
  • Concrete paver decking on CAT5 commercial frames.
  • Aluminum construction for natural resistance to saltwater corrosion.
  • Both internal and external pile guides designed for square piles.