Corpus Christi Contract

Corpus Christi Pier R Replacement Project Layout

McAlester, OK— MEECO SULLIVAN, The Marina Company, has been awarded the contract for the PIER R REPLACEMENT PROJECT that will expand the Corpus Christi Municipal Marina to include three new docks totaling 118 slips and a 612’ transient dock and access walkway. Steve Sullivan, CEO and President of MEECO SULLIVAN, commented that “our team worked very hard on this bid and we are very proud to know that the six person selection panel chose Meeco Sullivan’s design and product recommendations over the 10 other companies submitting bids. We did our homework on this project and really delivered a floating dock solution that not only met their budget requirements but is virtually maintenance-free and has a very long life expectancy in Corpus Christi’s salty and windy coastal environment.”

The Corpus Christi Municipal Marina is within the protected harbor of downtown Corpus Christi’s waterfront and has undergone several expansions over the past 30 years. It is a dedicated safe harbor and clean marina site and is currently comprised of 12 floating docks with complete boater facilities and services that includes fuel, dry storage, boat service, pump outs, showers, laundry and on-site restaurants.

The newly awarded PIER R PROJECT includes a 612’ long access walkway for the three new docks and the entire length of the walkway also provides side ties for transient boaters visiting the popular Corpus Christi area. The three new docks include a total of (56) 45’ berthing slips, (44) 40’ berthing slips and (6) 30’ berthing slips for a total of 83 new rentable slips and 35 transient slips. This new contract will replace R Dock, which is the oldest dock in the marina and will require removal of 305 old wood pilings. Jacob White Construction will handle removal of the old pilings and docks and installation of the new utilities as well as installation of the Meeco Sullivan docks, gangways and walkways. The wood pilings will be replaced with stronger, longer life span concrete pilings but will require fewer piles due to the strength of the Meeco Sullivan dock design. The state-of-the-art floating docks will provide exceptional strength and include marine grade glue laminated plywood, glue laminated beams, polyethylene encased floats, high density polyethylene conduit for utilities and concrete pavers for all dock and walkway surfaces.

Peter Davidson, Corpus Christi’s Marina Superintendent, has overseen marina expansions here in 1987, 1994 and 2006 and noted that “Meeco Sullivan has a proven track record with Corpus Christi and was one of ten bids we received. However, once our panel reviewed all the final bid packages, it was obvious that Meeco Sullivan’s experience and understanding of our needs, their state-of-the-art product design and their ability to deliver the best value within our budget made them the clear choice for this project. Plus, we have total confidence that they will work well with our other contractors to ensure this project is completed this summer and within our budget.”

MEECO SULLIVAN is a leading supplier of freshwater and saltwater marinas and dock systems. Their product offering includes Galvanized Steel Dock Systems, Atlantic Glulam Timber Dock Systems, Sullivan Timber Dock Systems, Aluminum Dock Systems, Wave Attenuators, Rowing Docks, Residential Docks and Service Docks/Platforms. With over 107 years of combined experience, they are a recognized pioneer and leader in the design and construction of dock systems with thousands of marine installations worldwide. To see the Corpus Christi marina layout visit and to learn more about Meeco Sullivan visit For more information contact Jim Mason at