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Lake Shasta Marina Expands with More Meeco Sullivan Galvanized Steel Docks

Packers Bay, Lake Shasta, CA— Spring has finally come to Northern California just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, and Shasta Marina Resort at Packers Bay has completed the installation of several more dock fingers to expand the service area for their large houseboat rental fleet.

Meeco Sullivan supplied the new galvanized steel docks with durable exposed aggregate concrete decking to complement all the other covered and open slip docks Meeco Sullivan has provided. Meeco Sullivan also manufactured new anchor winch platform docks earlier in the year to facilitate a more flexible and stable layout for the docks as water levels change in the lake.

Shasta Marina moved their docks to Packers Bay several years ago from O’Brien Inlet because it became too shallow during the drought. Now the marina extends more than 2,000 feet along 8’ to 12’ wide walkways, with 55 covered slips, 83 houseboat berths, and dock space for more than 50 rental houseboats and other visiting vessels, along with their on-the-water office and fuel dock. All docks are Meeco Sullivan’s unique box-truss galvanized steel frame design with exposed aggregate concrete decking.

Packers Bay is a much deeper location than O’Brien,” said John Harkrader, marina owner. “The Meeco Sullivan docks and anchor platforms handle the weather conditions very well, and have been an integral part of our relocation, allowing a lot of flexibility in our marina layout depending on seasonal water levels.”

 “Meeco Sullivan galvanized steel dock systems are the perfect solution for durable and flexible river and lake marina facilities,” said J. Mills, Western Region Sales Manager for Meeco Sullivan. “The docks are designed to accommodate concrete, composite, wood or aluminum decking, and the exposed aggregate concrete decking at Shasta Marina added an extra element of ambient functionality to their marina.”








Meeco Sullivan Easily Meets Utah State Park Marina Spring Deadline

McAlester, OK— It’s still a cold, wet spring in Northern Utah, but Meeco Sullivan and the Merrill Sheriff Construction crew have been busy delivering and completing installation of new floating docks on Bear Lake. The Phase II redevelopment of Bear Lake State Park Marina in Garden City, Utah includes 218 boat slips and 440’ of Meeco Sullivan dock walkways with 12” galvanized steel frames and composite decking, plus end ties and three gangway landings. Slips are all single loaded, ranging in size from 20’ to 48’. Every dock incorporates Meeco Sullivan’s telescoping spud piling anchor system, utilizing galvanized piling pipe frame and 4” galvanized pipe pilings to provide a secure all season anchorage that easily adapts to fluctuating lake levels and winter conditions. Bear Lake State Park Marina will now have approximately 380 slips with longer side ties for 48’+ boats.

Bear Lake is located 50 miles northeast of Logan, Utah, encompassing an area of 112 square miles at an elevation of 5,923 feet, on the border of Idaho and Utah. The Bear Lake State Park Marina is operated by the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation Division. They have a long-standing relationship with Meeco Sullivan based on the Meeco Sullivan’s quality floating dock systems and their ability to always meet critical deadlines.

Working closely with local contractor, Merrill Sheriff Construction, Meeco Sullivan started shipping pre-assembled sections of their galvanized steel ‘box truss’ framed docks with composite decking in late March as the marina basin began to thaw. Meeco Sullivan’s unique ‘box truss’ frame design has proven to effectively handle the snow and ice loads typical during Utah’s winter season. “The pre-assembled docks made our work relatively quick and easy,” said Merrill Sheriff Construction project manager, Jake Sheriff. “Everything bolted together smoothly, and the utility runs were well designed so they easily handled the water and electric utility installation.”

Utah State Parks & Recreation Planning & Development Manager, Dan Clark, also commented that “the project went together better than anticipated, allowing the contractor to complete the installation on time, despite some rather inclement late spring snow and rain storms.”

Meeco Sullivan Western Region Sales Manager, J. Mills, visited the project in late April as the installation was nearing completion. Meeco Sullivan is also in the process of manufacturing new dock walkways for the Utah Department of Natural Resources at the Willard Bay State Park Marina outside of Ogden, Utah, and is working on other marina projects with both public and private operators across the state.  


Meeco Sullivan Continues to Expand Production Capabilities

Since Sullivan Flotation Systems and Atlantic Meeco merged almost two years ago, the mission for the new MEECO SULLIVAN business was to grow by winning more than its fair share of new contracts while maintaining the highest product quality and customer service standards. The revamped management and sales teams, the streamlined production processes, the new equipment and highly skilled employees and the commitment to total customer satisfaction are making that growth a reality. Ralph Morley, National Sales Manager for Meeco Sullivan, stated that “when we became Meeco Sullivan we had the most capacity of any fresh or saltwater marina manufacturer in the industry and our shared vision and purpose coupled with the major investments we’ve made in our production facilities are really paying off.”

These growth plans have included adding significant line workers and longer shifts at the Warwick facility and these additional capabilities at the McAlester, OK facility:

  • Added eight new welding machines and a new plasma cutter
  • Doubling the capacity of its frame line
  • Adding an additional assembly line
  • Adding an additional accessories line
  • Current production schedule includes six days a week with four 12 hour shifts and two 8 hour shifts

2016 was a record year for MEECO SULLIVAN as it won over 200 new contracts and includes the largest marina contract ever awarded by the New York State Park System for the 1063 slip Lake Erie Marina. In addition, contracts have been won and are in production for:

  • Wolf Creek Marina- Nancy, KY
  • Dale Hollow State Park Marina—Burkesville, KY
  • North Shore Marina—Austin, TX
  • East 55th Marina—Cleveland, OH
  • Point Venture Marina—Leander, TX
  • Port Liberte Marina—Jersey City, NJ
  • Haven Harbour Marina—Rock Hall, MD
  • Norton’s Shipyard & Marina, Greenwich, RI

The largest of these jobs has been the Lake Erie Marina, which includes a total of 13 floating docks with 1063 slips of various sizes. Seven docks have already been delivered and installation has begun with completion expected for early spring but final installation will be dependent on winter weather.

As Ralph Morley also noted, “Given our expanded capabilities and enormous capacity, we have been able to meet all agreed upon delivery dates and are well positioned to comfortably handle our forecasted work load for new contracts in 2017.”

Marina Industry Veteran Hired as Western Region Sales Manager

McAlester, OK— Ralph Morley, Division Manager for Meeco Sullivan, announced the appointment of James “J” Mills as the company’s new Western Region Sales Manager covering the states of California, Alaska, Hawaii, Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Arizona, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.

Mr. Mills has an extensive marine industry background that includes over 18 years of coastal and inland marina management and development experience. Jay has also held positions in the marina industry that include Regional Vice President with Westrec Marinas overseeing six California Delta, Lake and San Francisco Bay marinas; General Manager of the California Recreation Company directing five Newport Beach and San Francisco Bay marinas; COO of the Twin Lakes Management Company directing and renovating two Central California lake marina resorts; Principal of Marina Business Associates/Pacific Dockmasters a marina business consulting and contracting company, and the Southern California Regional Distributor of HydroHoist Boat Lifts. In addition, Mr. Mills is a licensed General Engineering Contractor

We believe that J’s experience, contacts and broad marina knowledge will significantly increase our presence and market strength in the western U.S. as we continue our aggressive growth plans and our mission of delivering the best products and customer service in the industry,” said Ralph Morley.

Jay’s love of the marina and boating industry is also evidenced by his many years of commuter-cruising and racing his sloop along the west coast and the Sea of Cortez, and he’s an avid sailor and boater. In his spare time he has also been the Editor of “Bay & Delta Yachtsman” magazine, and writes marine industry technical articles for “Marina Dock Age” and “International Dredging Review” magazines. He is an active member and past board member of the Marine Recreation Association as well as being active with many other industry groups.

James "J" Mills will be responsible for western states

James “J” Mills will be responsible for western states

Jay noted “Meeco Sullivan has an impressive track record and reputation and I’m looking forward to building on Meeco Sullivan’s extensive design/build capabilities in coastal and inland marina development.” Jay is based in Lodi, California, and can be reached at 209- 452-2475 or

Meeco Sullivan Awarded New York State Park Systems Largest Marina Contract Ever

Warwick, NY—Ralph Morley, National Sales Manager for Meeco Sullivan, announced that Meeco Sullivan has been awarded one of the largest contracts ever in the New York State Parks System. The City of Buffalo Inner Harbor Development Corporation’s plans for revising and reconfiguring the existing Lake Erie Marina will make it the largest full service marina in the New York State Parks System with 1063 slips.

Safe Harbor Development, the operator of Lake Erie Marina, will replace all of its existing floating docks and walkways.  The new docks will be constructed of Meeco Sullivan’s galvanized steel frame system with composite decking and encapsulated flotation and will include slip sizes from 11’ x 24’ to 20’ x 50’ along with 30’, 34’ and 40’ slips to accommodate the most popular boat sizes in the area. The Lake Erie Marina project will also include:

  • A new fuel pier and courtesy docks with ADA accessibility
  • Modern fueling stations and a new ship store
  • A new PWC dock
  • A newly renovated full service restaurant
  • A newly renovated onsite Operations, Management and Boater Services office
  • A new 400 ft. wind and wave attenuator to protect fueling and courtesy slips at the mouth of the harbor

This is one of the first major inter-coastal waterfront revitalization projects for the city of Buffalo, NY where private development monies are being used to bring new commerce to a rapidly changing and revamped city economy but was spurred by Governor Cuomo’s Buffalo Billion Investment Development Plan.

Meeco Sullivan was awarded the contract in March 2016 and was one of four companies interviewed for the project.  Darby Campbell, President and Owner of Safe Harbor Development commented that “The city of Buffalo is very excited about this new marina and how it will contribute to both the Buffalo revitalization efforts and local economy as well as the quality of life for Buffalo residents who love the water. We chose Meeco Sullivan because of their experience, the quality of their design and their ability to produce a project of this size and deliver it on time and on budget.”

Meeco Sullivan’s sales, design and engineering teams worked closely with Mr. Campbell to achieve maximum space utilization while providing the most functional, updated slip sizes and amenities available at any marina in the region. Since all of the new floating dock systems will be permanent, incorporating the right anchoring system was a major part of the design effort.  A chain and cable anchoring system with driven piles beneath the water will be an integral part of the marina design to withstand the extreme temperature changes and water flow conditions while maintaining a clean, aesthetic look to the new docks. Meeco Sullivan handled all aspects of the design, engineering and production of the floating structures and local contractors will handle the installation of the docks and utilities.

Removal of the old seasonal docks will begin at the end of the 2016 boating season and the new permanent docks will immediately begin going on the water with work continuing through the fall and winter months so the new marina is ready to open for the spring 2017 season.

All Floating Timber Docks Replaced Utilizing Existing Timber and Fiberglass Piles

Warwick, NY—Ralph Morley, National Sales Manager of Meeco Sullivan, announced that the company has just completed installation of a heavy duty Sullivan Timber System for The Palmer Point Marina, which is part of The River Club Condominium complex in Cos Cob, CT located on the Mianus river in Cos Cob Harbor.

Jim Denardo, owner of Palmer Point Marina, noted that “choosing Meeco Sullivan to handle this dock replacement project was an easy decision because 30 years ago The River Club hired Meeco Sullivan to build the original dock system that would serve the club year round and not only withstand the harsh new England winters but multiple hurricanes.  The original system held up so well and we have been so pleased with the quality and durability of Meeco Sullivan’s products that there was no question who we would ask to design and quote this project. Plus, Meeco Sullivan’s reputation throughout the New England area is second to none, and their team did an exceptional job designing a system that would work and fit perfectly with our existing piles. Our experience with Meeco Sullivan was unbelievable every step of the way and I would highly recommend them.”

The project included a total of 132 slips designed to accommodate primarily 35-70’ boats and smaller yachts and every slip utilized Meeco Sullivan’s heavy-duty Sullfloat design timber frame system with IPE decking.  Many of the slip fingers are 4’ wide with 4’x4’ gussets which provide superior stability and eliminate the need for piles at the end of the finger.  The overall strength of the Sullfloat System and the location of the marina required considerably fewer piles. Meeco Sullivan handled the complete design, construction and fabrication of the timber dock system and Atlantic Marine Construction handled the removal of the old docks and installation of the new system along with utility removal and installation.

Matt Beechinor, who managed the project for Meeco Sullivan, commented that “the biggest challenge for our design team was that Palmer Point didn’t want to replace any of the existing pilings so all the docks were prefabricated at our plant with the existing piling and slip locations and when delivered for installation, they aligned perfectly with the existing piles. Plus, with all the product advancements we’ve made such as rotomolded flotation drums being thru-bolted to the dock framing and our one-of-a-kind galvanized tube reinforced double torsion finger stability system, The River Club now has the most technologically advanced timber frame floating dock system in the area.”  

Many marinas and dock systems today in need of replacement have pilings that are in good enough shape that they do not need to be replaced, which was the case for Palmer Point Marina. This meant Meeco Sullivan had to design and build the entire dock system with the pile hoops in exactly the right locations.  In addition, the piles varied between timber piles and fiberglass piles so by using a combination of different pile hoops we were able to provide a strong pile guide connection at every point needed on the dock.  Most marinas, yacht clubs and dock owners don’t realize that although most piles are similar in shape and size and type, every job has its own unique design features. One of Meeco Sullivan’s key differences is that every dock system we build includes numerous custom components.  Every single dock section, pile hoop, brace etc. is specifically selected for the marina that we are building at the time which means for situations like The River Club, we don’t have to compromise on quality to build a system that will fit their existing piles.

The contract was awarded in late July 2015 and the Meeco Sullivan Logistics Team delivered the docks starting in early January 2016 and scheduled everything so that each dock section arrived exactly when the contractor needed them on-site for immediate launching and installation. This was very important because there was minimal space available to store extra dock sections.

MEECO SULLIVAN is a leading supplier of freshwater and saltwater marinas and dock systems. Our product offering includes Galvanized Steel Dock Systems, Atlantic Glulam Timber Dock Systems, Sullivan Timber Dock Systems, Aluminum Dock Systems, Wave Attenuators, Rowing Docks, Residential Docks and Service Docks/Platforms. With over 107 years of combined experience, we are a recognized pioneer and leader in the design and construction of floating dock systems with thousands of marine installations worldwide.



Three More Major Floating Dock Contracts Announced

McAlester, OK— Jim Mason, National Sales Manager for Meeco Sullivan announced that the company has recently been awarded several new contracts highlighted by the Admirals Hill Marina in Chelsea, MA, the Albany Marina in Albany, NY and Burnside Marina on Lake Cumberland Kentucky.

The Admirals Hill Marina is situated on Island End River and will include 140 slips totaling 22,000 square feet of floating docks replacing an old concrete and timber system. This new dock system will be Meeco Sullivan’s heavy-duty Sullivan Timber Frame system with recessed trim style IPE decking.

With tight delivery timelines and production scheduled through the holiday season, Meeco Sullivan was able to commit to begin deliveries within 30 days from initial order placement with completion of the project 30 days after that. This was a high profile project and Meeco Sullivan was chosen over several other dock builders because of its reputation for quality, competitive price and ability to meet their critical deadlines.

The Albany Marina project is a new 30 slip full service marina on the Hudson River in Albany, NY. The new floating docks will include a boat launch open to the public and were designed for easy removal before and after the boating season due to winter ice flows on the Hudson. The project includes a combination of six 50 ft. shore to dock stiff legs with heavy concrete bottom anchors that will keep the dock system securely in place. The heavy duty galvanized steel docks with open truss frames and 4’ x 42’ all welded aluminum gangways are also being constructed at Meeco Sullivan’s Oklahoma facility. The project is scheduled for winter completion so it will be ready to install for the Spring 2016 boating season.

The Burnside Marina experienced severe damage from storms in Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 and this latest project includes new D and F Docks totaling 64 covered slips of various sizes with exposed aggregate concrete decking and winch and cable anchoring. The project also includes reconfiguring 3,000 linear ft. of attenuator as well as relocating and repositioning the fuel pier, ship store and restaurant areas for easier access. All work is scheduled for Spring 2016 completion.

New East Region Sales Manager Hired to Support Northeast Demand

Jim Mason, Meeco Sullivan’s National Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager, recently announced that John Dunham has been hired as East Region Sales Manager with sales development and customer support responsibilities for eastern Pennsylvania, New York and northern New Jersey. Mr. Dunham has held senior sales positions with Camping World, Dixie Chopper and Argo US and will be based in Accord, NY. He can be reached at

Courtesy Dock Solution Customized for Flexibility

With over 107 years experience designing and building marina dock systems, floating docks and stationary docks, Meeco Sullivan developed the perfect solution for Bear Lake’s Courtesy Dock.IMG_0159The design of this stationary courtesy dock allows for easy adjustments or dock movement to maintain a level and safe walking surface as the water depths change as well as easy removal during Utah’s long winters. Bear Lake is a very active recreational lake so this location required a very stable dock and platform and a decking surface that could withstand the harsh conditions. The Meeco Sullivan design team utilized a heavy duty galvanized steel frame and composite decking to provide maximum strength and stability as well as a long service life. Whether you need a stationary, floating, removable or extendable courtesy dock, Meeco Sullivan can cost-effectively design a custom courtesy dock to meet your unique needs

Innovative Dock Design Provides More Space for Utility Chases and Easier Access

Jim Mason, National Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager, noted that “the Corpus Christi Pier R replacement project is progressing right on schedule and we are very proud ofCorpus Christi Pier R dock-utility chases our innovative dock design for this project. Each of the new floating docks were designed to include extra space for utilities, including electricity and fire suppression. Plus, this design easily accommodated the concrete decking, which was an important customer requirement and is also unique to Meeco Sullivan.”