All Floating Timber Docks Replaced Utilizing Existing Timber and Fiberglass Piles

Warwick, NY—Ralph Morley, National Sales Manager of Meeco Sullivan, announced that the company has just completed installation of a heavy duty Sullivan Timber System for The Palmer Point Marina, which is part of The River Club Condominium complex in Cos Cob, CT located on the Mianus river in Cos Cob Harbor.

Jim Denardo, owner of Palmer Point Marina, noted that “choosing Meeco Sullivan to handle this dock replacement project was an easy decision because 30 years ago The River Club hired Meeco Sullivan to build the original dock system that would serve the club year round and not only withstand the harsh new England winters but multiple hurricanes.  The original system held up so well and we have been so pleased with the quality and durability of Meeco Sullivan’s products that there was no question who we would ask to design and quote this project. Plus, Meeco Sullivan’s reputation throughout the New England area is second to none, and their team did an exceptional job designing a system that would work and fit perfectly with our existing piles. Our experience with Meeco Sullivan was unbelievable every step of the way and I would highly recommend them.”

The project included a total of 132 slips designed to accommodate primarily 35-70’ boats and smaller yachts and every slip utilized Meeco Sullivan’s heavy-duty Sullfloat design timber frame system with IPE decking.  Many of the slip fingers are 4’ wide with 4’x4’ gussets which provide superior stability and eliminate the need for piles at the end of the finger.  The overall strength of the Sullfloat System and the location of the marina required considerably fewer piles. Meeco Sullivan handled the complete design, construction and fabrication of the timber dock system and Atlantic Marine Construction handled the removal of the old docks and installation of the new system along with utility removal and installation.

Matt Beechinor, who managed the project for Meeco Sullivan, commented that “the biggest challenge for our design team was that Palmer Point didn’t want to replace any of the existing pilings so all the docks were prefabricated at our plant with the existing piling and slip locations and when delivered for installation, they aligned perfectly with the existing piles. Plus, with all the product advancements we’ve made such as rotomolded flotation drums being thru-bolted to the dock framing and our one-of-a-kind galvanized tube reinforced double torsion finger stability system, The River Club now has the most technologically advanced timber frame floating dock system in the area.”  

Many marinas and dock systems today in need of replacement have pilings that are in good enough shape that they do not need to be replaced, which was the case for Palmer Point Marina. This meant Meeco Sullivan had to design and build the entire dock system with the pile hoops in exactly the right locations.  In addition, the piles varied between timber piles and fiberglass piles so by using a combination of different pile hoops we were able to provide a strong pile guide connection at every point needed on the dock.  Most marinas, yacht clubs and dock owners don’t realize that although most piles are similar in shape and size and type, every job has its own unique design features. One of Meeco Sullivan’s key differences is that every dock system we build includes numerous custom components.  Every single dock section, pile hoop, brace etc. is specifically selected for the marina that we are building at the time which means for situations like The River Club, we don’t have to compromise on quality to build a system that will fit their existing piles.

The contract was awarded in late July 2015 and the Meeco Sullivan Logistics Team delivered the docks starting in early January 2016 and scheduled everything so that each dock section arrived exactly when the contractor needed them on-site for immediate launching and installation. This was very important because there was minimal space available to store extra dock sections.

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