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Lake Shasta Marina Expands with More Meeco Sullivan Galvanized Steel Docks

Packers Bay, Lake Shasta, CA— Spring has finally come to Northern California just in time for the Memorial Day weekend, and Shasta Marina Resort at Packers Bay has completed the installation of several more dock fingers to expand the service area for their large houseboat rental fleet.

Meeco Sullivan supplied the new galvanized steel docks with durable exposed aggregate concrete decking to complement all the other covered and open slip docks Meeco Sullivan has provided. Meeco Sullivan also manufactured new anchor winch platform docks earlier in the year to facilitate a more flexible and stable layout for the docks as water levels change in the lake.

Shasta Marina moved their docks to Packers Bay several years ago from O’Brien Inlet because it became too shallow during the drought. Now the marina extends more than 2,000 feet along 8’ to 12’ wide walkways, with 55 covered slips, 83 houseboat berths, and dock space for more than 50 rental houseboats and other visiting vessels, along with their on-the-water office and fuel dock. All docks are Meeco Sullivan’s unique box-truss galvanized steel frame design with exposed aggregate concrete decking.

Packers Bay is a much deeper location than O’Brien,” said John Harkrader, marina owner. “The Meeco Sullivan docks and anchor platforms handle the weather conditions very well, and have been an integral part of our relocation, allowing a lot of flexibility in our marina layout depending on seasonal water levels.”

 “Meeco Sullivan galvanized steel dock systems are the perfect solution for durable and flexible river and lake marina facilities,” said J. Mills, Western Region Sales Manager for Meeco Sullivan. “The docks are designed to accommodate concrete, composite, wood or aluminum decking, and the exposed aggregate concrete decking at Shasta Marina added an extra element of ambient functionality to their marina.”








Meeco Sullivan Easily Meets Utah State Park Marina Spring Deadline

McAlester, OK— It’s still a cold, wet spring in Northern Utah, but Meeco Sullivan and the Merrill Sheriff Construction crew have been busy delivering and completing installation of new floating docks on Bear Lake. The Phase II redevelopment of Bear Lake State Park Marina in Garden City, Utah includes 218 boat slips and 440’ of Meeco Sullivan dock walkways with 12” galvanized steel frames and composite decking, plus end ties and three gangway landings. Slips are all single loaded, ranging in size from 20’ to 48’. Every dock incorporates Meeco Sullivan’s telescoping spud piling anchor system, utilizing galvanized piling pipe frame and 4” galvanized pipe pilings to provide a secure all season anchorage that easily adapts to fluctuating lake levels and winter conditions. Bear Lake State Park Marina will now have approximately 380 slips with longer side ties for 48’+ boats.

Bear Lake is located 50 miles northeast of Logan, Utah, encompassing an area of 112 square miles at an elevation of 5,923 feet, on the border of Idaho and Utah. The Bear Lake State Park Marina is operated by the Utah Department of Natural Resources, Parks & Recreation Division. They have a long-standing relationship with Meeco Sullivan based on the Meeco Sullivan’s quality floating dock systems and their ability to always meet critical deadlines.

Working closely with local contractor, Merrill Sheriff Construction, Meeco Sullivan started shipping pre-assembled sections of their galvanized steel ‘box truss’ framed docks with composite decking in late March as the marina basin began to thaw. Meeco Sullivan’s unique ‘box truss’ frame design has proven to effectively handle the snow and ice loads typical during Utah’s winter season. “The pre-assembled docks made our work relatively quick and easy,” said Merrill Sheriff Construction project manager, Jake Sheriff. “Everything bolted together smoothly, and the utility runs were well designed so they easily handled the water and electric utility installation.”

Utah State Parks & Recreation Planning & Development Manager, Dan Clark, also commented that “the project went together better than anticipated, allowing the contractor to complete the installation on time, despite some rather inclement late spring snow and rain storms.”

Meeco Sullivan Western Region Sales Manager, J. Mills, visited the project in late April as the installation was nearing completion. Meeco Sullivan is also in the process of manufacturing new dock walkways for the Utah Department of Natural Resources at the Willard Bay State Park Marina outside of Ogden, Utah, and is working on other marina projects with both public and private operators across the state.